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We look for the spark that will differentiate you from your competitors with engaging strategies and creative executions that are designed to create awareness and attract your target audience, build trust, loyalty and brand advocacy to increase your following, new opportunities and ultimately your sales.

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What is the difference?

Branding vs Marketing

Well for starters it’s not an either-or, nor is it one versus the other. And it’s easy to see why many people are confused because there are a lot of similarities and crossovers between them both. But they do have very specific aims, so to be successful, every business should have strategies for both, starting with a brand strategy, because everything you do from that point, including your marketing strategy, will be shaped by your brand strategy, positioning, tone of voice and so on.

So to put it simply, …if marketing is the reason why we are attracted to your products, services, or brand. Branding is why we prefer to buy ‘your‘ products or services and not comparative products and services from your competitors, tell our friends about you and willingly come back to you time and time again.

As Marty Neumeier, author of ‘The Brand Gap‘ said, “a brand is not what you say it is, it’s what they say it is. In other words, no matter how much you spend to tell people what your brand means, ultimately the consumer will decide what your brand means to them and it will live or die within their minds, shaped by the reality of their perceptions, based on their experience and all their touchpoints with your brand, product or service, at pre-sale, the point of sale and post-sale. This is why it is so important to get your branding right first, to maintain consistency and authenticity throughout your whole business, the customer experience and relationship with you, and all communications with customers and prospects.

That all being said, your marketing is just as important to create awareness, attraction, communicate your offering, grow your following and increase sales.

It just takes one bright spark to ignite your brand

Taking your business to the next level

Brand and marketing strategies

“We develop tailored brand and marketing strategies and the creative print, broadcast and digital executions that are designed to tell your story, create delight, connect and bridge the gap between you and your customers for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to take the next step to becoming an established brand. We do this by finding that unique spark in your business that will engage, excite and ignite your brand to raise awareness, gain a greater following and drive sales to get you the results you are looking for to grow your business”

David Nute – Creative Director and Founder

What is


Well, it’s not your logo! …Branding isthe expression of your values and beliefs across the whole business, the people who work for you, your visual identity and your communications to attract and nurture the like-minded customers, employees and suppliers who share your values, and therefore allows you to more easily engage with a receptive audience to create loyalty by shaping an authentic, credible and positive perception about you in their hearts and minds’ so that they choose you instead of your competitors.

In other words, very much like people have personalities we like and are attracted to, brands have personalities too. And as we all know, people like to associate with and buy from people and personalities they know, like and trust. So we look at everything from your positioning to what people think about you, their pain points, your message or story, your visual identity, tone of voice, brand personality and the type of people that would relate to and value what you offer, to find the spark that will ‘differentiate’ you or give you a credible ‘value proposition’ that sets you apart from your competitors in an engaging way that will attract your target market, build trust, loyalty and brand advocacy, which as a result of ‘why you do what you do‘ and ‘not what you do‘, and which can lead to increased sales, revenue, repeat business, and also possibly new sales opportunities too. 

But the main difference when comes to branding is that branding is about building and nurturing relationships. For example, customer service, packaging design, your website, a how-to video, or any form of communication that does not necessarily require a transaction or a call to action.

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What is


So how does marketing differ from branding? Well, marketing is ‘anything to do with the promotion of a product or service, or the brand itself, to attract new and existing customers, and grow awareness in order to drive sales‘.

Search engine optimisation and search engine marketing is marketing. So is broadcast, press and digital advertising, promotions, email, and even a postcard up in your local newsagent selling an item or service is marketing, To be honest, the term covers a limitless number of digital, ambient, conventional and unconventional marketing channels and opportunities, and there are a lot of crossover between marketing and branding.

But when is marketing not branding? Well, the answer to that is never, because all instances of marketing is still a continuation and expression of your brand message, story, values and beliefs that your customers know, like and trust. And it is important to do this to ensure authenticity and trust.

Unlike branding though, marketing does require a transaction and/or a call to action, and is ultimately much more about driving sales, a response, or an action based on your values and aimed toward the type of people that will be attracted to those same values. For example, some people will only ever buy Apple products and would be seen dead with another brand and others swear by Adidas or Nike rather than try other brands possibly equally as good. But that is when marketing together with branding, empathy, and an understanding of your prospects’ issues and pain points can be used to change perceptions in the mind of your competitors customers.

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WHAT WE DO to bridge the gap

Big thinking creative solutions
for smaller businesses

We look for the spark that will ignite your brand and make it a beacon that attracts other new like-minded customers and nurtures existing customer relationships allowing you to bridge the gap between you, your customers, the type of people who want to work for you and those that would buy more if they knew and understood ‘why you do what you do‘.

To do this we start by getting to know and understand you and your business, why you do what you do, your values and beliefs, the type of people who like you and why, and their pain points, so that we can tell others about you and your story and why they should believe in you. We do this by creating realistically affordable strategies, big ideas and creative executions, identifying your market and the things that drive their buying decisions, creating stylesheets and guidelines for the look, feel and tone of voice and much more.

But above all, everything we do is designed to excite, create delight, customer engagement, brand advocacy and loyalty to increase sales and get you the results you’re looking for, because when you succeed then so do we.

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