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We understand the power and value of brand strategy and the designs we create to help small to medium-sized businesses, organisations and start-ups like yours develop brand awareness and connect with their audiences to increase sales and ignite your brand.

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We’re not just another marketing, brand and website design consultancy because we specialise in working purely with small to medium-sized businesses and start-ups as partners who are as much invested in your success as you are because when you succeed so do we. …So we start by getting to know you and your business so that we fully understand what makes you different and so special to your customers, your business, brand and marketing issues, your aims and objectives, so we can help you tell your story and increase awareness to get you the results you want.

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And we don’t stop there, because we use our experience of over 30+ years to develop your creative brand strategy, marketing, design and advertising executions to help your business and your brand grow. So you see, we don’t just do a design, take your money and run! We’re on the journey with you all the way, supporting and advising you as much or as little as you want and for as long as you want, giving you the tools and expertise to ensure that you succeed.

It just takes one bright spark to ignite your brand

Brand, marketing and digital solutions designed with you and your customers in mind

Whether you’re just starting out or an evolving small to medium-sized brand, we develop highly creative print and broadcast media, websites, brand and marketing strategy solutions that create; surprise and delight, are simple to understand and implement, and creatively engaging to ensure that you stand out for your competitors and your customers identify with your values, so you attract the right people who want what you offer, and as a result, they buy more, we deliver the results you want and your customers come back time and time again. 

Brand Strategy

In a fast-changing, complicated and disruptive world, we work hard to develop effective brand strategies and engaging creative executions that make it easier for you to tell your story, find your voice, give clarity of purpose, and define your goals to; better understand your customers, clearly define your brand, create and grow awareness, to ensure that you’re not only heard but seen positively by the people that matter most to you so that you get the results you’re looking and this reflects in your sales.

This includes; establishing your brand positioning, customer insight discovery, identifying your brand attributes, and auditing your competition, to better understand you, your brand, your opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, so we can help you find the emotional connections and tone of voice that will allow you to connect with your customers and build the enduring relationships that will grow your business.


If a brand strategy finds the reasons why our customers love you, are drawn to you and stay with you, …your marketing strategy and our creative executions are about ensuring that you are seen by the people who share your values, and who would be attracted to and would love you if they knew how wonderful you were.

So we identify and target the right markets and media for you, discover new marketing opportunities, do competitor audits and find their strengths and weakness as well as yours, in order to develop a proposition for marketing strategies and creative executions that are designed to set you apart from your competition, increase awareness, create customer surprise and delight to elevate brand perception, increase demand and drive up sales opportunities that allow you to grow your business.

We work across all media making the right recommendations for your budget to get you the results you’re looking for from print and digital advertising, broadcast TV and radio, direct marketing, web, email or social media, to name but a few.

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Website and digital design

In a complicated and sometimes confusing, fast-changing digital world, we keep our finger on the pulse to make the business of doing business offline and online simpler and quicker for you to navigate through and connect with your customers, with fast, robust and secure industry-leading servers, bespoke concepts, designs and strategies designed that create customer delight, a better more fulfilling and more engaging user experience for your customers across all devices, from fast responsive editable websites to blogs, vlogs, podcasts, video, SEO, email, social media and much more.

What’s more, because we know that the web can be a little daunting for some, we’re always on hand to help with any issues, adding functionality and content if and when you need us to. Although we design and build all our websites to be easy for you to edit with no coding knowledge required, and also we have easy to follow step-by-step website editing how-to tutorial videos to help make it even easier for you. And if that’s not enough, then we can also offer recommendations if you have any website marketing or brand issues along the way to ensure your continuing success and growth.

Brand identities

We design brand identities (or logos) that reflect your brands’ personality and values, while engaging with and connecting to the type of people who get you and what you do. And our branding design ensures that everything your customers see is consistent with your brand personality and values across all elements of your business and your communications. This makes sure that everything has the same mark of quality and values your followers identify with, love and have come to expect and cherish about you.

Social media

We use social media as a powerful platform to talk directly to your followers, their friends and other like-minded people to inform, connect and engage to build a following, reinforce and build lasting relationships, encourage brand advocacy, and increase awareness, popularity and your fan base.

The support you need,
when you need it

When it comes to supporting you, we are very much hands-on when you want us or hands-off when you don’t. But that doesn’t mean we leave you to fend for yourself because even when you think we’ve finished on your project, we’re still monitoring in the background to make sure everything is going perfectly, as well as offering timely advice and recommendations to maintain and achieve better results.

But if that’s not enough, then we’re always there to ask us anything as well as offering a FREE initial consultation to help you get started on your journey, or keep you going when you need us. So you see, we’re always looking for ways to help you get where you want to go as simply and effectively as possible.

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It just takes one bright spark to set your brand alight

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